Everybody's Hero




Fabric8 is pleased to present Everybody's Hero, a sculpture exhibition in our garden.

Featuring Calvin Ma, Shadoe Delgado, and Erika Sanada, the ceramic works depict unorthodox heroes and villains from the artists' imaginations. Everybody's Hero is the third show in fabric8's sculpture garden, which opened July 2010.

Calvin Ma is a San Francisco native who has always had a fascination with toys, particularly action figures and the stories he has imagined about them. This enthusiasm has found its way into his ceramic artwork -- through the medium of ceramic clay, glazes and oxide stains, he creates his own characters that tap into this childlike sense of exploration. Calvin is working towards his MFA in sculpture.

Growing up in desolate town in Arizona, Shadoe Delgado always had his imagination, his passion for art, and his shadow to keep him occupied. As a child he thoroughly enjoyed creating things with playdoh, which led him to ceramic at the age of 12, then other sculptural mediums that allow him to mold and manipulate as he pleases. Delgado moved to San Francisco in 2007 to study sculpture and has also worked under renowned ceramicist Margaret Keelan.

Erika Sanada is a painter and sculptor who was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by horror movies, Sanada created a body of work about them, from imaginary movie posters to creatures and marketing materials, while studying Communication Design at Nihon University of College of Art. Her designs have recently evolved into three-dimensional work, as she is now studying Sculpture at Academy of Art University.